Ugears - tugboat

This incredible Ugears Tugboat mimics a real working tugboat rocking in the waves!

Listen as it moves along any flat surface to the sound of a real diesel-powered engine, created by a working pendulum!

You’ll be able to view the other inner workings too, as the body is designed to expose the beautiful gears and rubber-band motor in motion.

Comprised of 169 laser-cut parts made of sustainably sourced high grade wood, your kit includes everything you need for assembly!

Use the two control levers to stop and start your Tugboat, you’ll be the master of the harbour in no time.

Experiment with the traction ropes to hook up and tow small freight such as lightweight paper boats or other wheeled models.


Weight: 1.8 lbs

Dimensions: 15 × 7 × 1.3 in

Assembled size:
Estimated time of assembly:
Number of parts:
Difficulty level:
Tools and materials:
Recommended Age:

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