• The importance of movement and developing gross motor skills!

    The importance of movement and developing gross motor skills!

    Hi guys! My name is Tasma and I have just recently just finished my studies to become an Exercise Physiologist, I also happen to work at the greatest toy shop ever!! kids unite (obviously)! SO if you've visited us in store you've definitely seen me and if your one of our lovely...

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  • 4 Exciting Events Coming Up in 2022

    4 Exciting Events Coming Up in 2022

    October brings warmer days and a spring in our step. Get ready for the busy summer months and festive season with some dates to mark in your diary.

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  • Play dough!!!!

    Play dough!!!!

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  • Play For the Senses

    Play For the Senses

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    Bath time is not an easy task in our household. But I have found a good incentive to get a tired and grumpy child into the bath – colour mixing. A small pack of primary coloured food dyes and some plastic cups is all you need. For extra fun add...

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  • Making a Mark

    Making a Mark

    MARK MAKING   Kids love drawing on things don’t they! Parents cross their fingers that the marks end up on paper or a chalk board and not on the walls.   Mark making is the creation of different lines, patterns, textures and shapes. Young children have a natural desire to...

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  • small world play

    small world play

    On the weekend my daughter turned 4. She got a dolls house for her birthday and instantly got out all her dolls house furniture and started to play, adding in her Barbies, animal, and doll figurines to enhance the play. It was a hit, and she exclaimed “Mum its just...

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     Let’s talk blocks. Who would have thought that some little pieces of wood could bring so much joy to children? Blocks have been a staple in kids play experiences for many many years.

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    LEARNING ABOUT NUMBERS Kids are fascinated by the world around them. They love looking at colours, shapes, size and especially number of objects. Numbers are the basis of Mathematical learning and patterning, so encouraging number is a must in your child’s world. Lots of people think that if a child...

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    These are all wonderful activities to help build finger dexterity and develop fine motor control which is the basis for doing so many things, one of the most important; being holding a pencil to write.

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