camelot junior

Camelot Junior is a multi-level logic game designed to develop logical thinking skills, strategic planning, and visual and spatial perception.

The knight and the princess are locked in separate towers.  Create a path for the knight and his princess to be reunited, using these beautiful hardwood towers and stairs. The knight and princess can only walk up stairways or along the top of walls. They cannot jump down or climb up walls. Children will enjoy mind-bending fun as they create a path for the royals to reunite.

With 48 challenges ranging from very easy to extremely difficult, Camelot Jr. provides children and adults hours of brain-challenging fun!

Educational Benefits: 
- Logical Reasoning 
- Fine Motor Skills
- Higher Cognitive Thinking 
- Visual and Spatial Perception

Contents: Game Rules, Booklet with challenges and solutions, hardwood game tray, 4 towers, three stairways, 1 bridge and 2 figurines.

Ages: 4+ years.



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