organisation chart

Family planning becomes a snap with this Janod magnetic cardboard organisation chart. It helps your child easily navigate their week and become more independent. So they won't forget who is picking them up from school or what day they are playing sport.

There is a square for each day and each activity, in which your child places the animal magnet that represents the member or members of the family who are taking part in this activity.

The set comprises 5 animals, of which there are 11 copies, 7 stickers in 6 languages for the days of the week and 20 activity magnets ranging from simple household chores to leisure activities, including sport, music and birthdays, not to mention the end of school. A dry-wipe marker is included to write each person's name in the square provided.

This organiser is ideal for helping your child to learn the concept of time and routine of daily life. Comprised of a thin 3mm modular magnetic board suitable for all fridges or any other magnetic surfaces.

Aged 3+


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