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Learning Can Be Fun - all the games and resources you need to prepare and support Early Learning and Development needs.

Established in 1980, Learning Can Be Fun is a specialist in literacy and numeracy resources, including math and alphabet games, wall charts for counting and reading, workbooks and teaching aids.

With Learning Can Be Fun you will find a range of games and teaching resources for the classroom and home to help make learning literacy and numeracy easy and fun.

Developed in alignment with the Australian curriculum, the Learning Can Be Fun range at Special Needs Resources includes

Literacy Resources such as three, four and five word Letter Puzzles, Flash Cards and Basic Sight Word Dominoes to help develop language, spelling and matching skills and improve knowledge and use of high-frequency words.

Emotions Cards to help develop self awareness and awareness of others, language, listening and communication skills.

Resources to help develop an understanding of and telling of time. These include a range of One, Three, Five and Ten Minute Sand Timer visual aids that provide an easy-to-understand visual demonstration time passing, Student Clocks and Time Domino games.

Fine Motor Skill Development toys such as Shoe Lacing toys

Resources that help in the development of Patterning and Sorting skills including Beading and Threading Sets and Jumbo Tweezers to aid in the development o motor skills.

Numeracy Resources such as blocks, nuts & bolts and counters, mathematical flash cards.


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