magnetic tangram

A must for all who love shapes! This range seamlessly blends education and enjoyment by introducing children to the basic wooden geometric shapes and the concepts of side length, area, and graphic transformation. In the process of playing the game, children improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Brand: mierEdu


Features a wide variety of colourful, magnetic shapes which kids can use to make their own pictures. If they're up for a challenge, they can also draw a card and make the picture on the card using the shapes.

Package: 223mm * 191mm * 43 mm
Includes: Play kit X1, Magnetic tangram X1, Card holder X1, Double-sided cards X1, Magnet bar X1, Instructions X1
Age 3+


Offering 100 varying challenges, it encourages children's understanding of geometry while ensuring an engaging playtime experience. This interactive game, designed for two players, fosters social engagement and collaboration. It tasks children with solving problems in unison, bolstering their communication abilities and teamwork skills.

Package: 22.2 * 19.1 * 4.2 cm

Includes: 1 Play Kit | 7 Magnetic Tangram Pieces | 32 Double-Sided Cards | 1 Card Holder | 1 Magnetic Bar | 1 Instruction Book

Age 3+


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