large liquid timer - assorted colours

The Sensory Sensations Liquid Timer- Large Timer is available in two colour combinations - red and green and blue and purple, Pick the one that most appeals to you!

The Sensory Sensations Large Liquid Oil Motion Timer has two points where different coloured oil droplets emerge. Each of the droplets is directed onto an opposing internal ramp which makes a criss cross effect as  the oil droplets descend down the tube.Once finished, it can be turned over and the process commenced again.

The Sensory Sensations Large Liquid Oil Motion Timer has several beneficial therapeutic functions:

As a simple timing device during activities such as brushing teeth. A fun way to distract from the actual activity and set a time limit on completing that activity.

* As a reward for completing an activity

* To calm during periods of sensory overload

* As a distraction during episodes of sensory overload

* To reduce anxiety during stressful periods - the rhythmical drops can have a soothing effect

* For visual tracking - watching the movement of the oil droplets as they flow down the ramps - are they running at the same pace? Which colour will finish first?.

* To demonstrate the scientific principles regarding viscosity and liquid densities


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