janod - body magnet

The set contains 72 magnetic pieces showcasing four of the systems of human anatomy: the skeleton, the muscles, the organs and the externally visible 'body'. Each of the systems is represented by 18 of the magnetic pieces.

A control card is provided for each of the anatomical systems providing not only a visual guide to the placement of the pieces but also the correct vocabulary for each bone, muscle, organ or body part. A unique and interesting feature of this set is that there are multiple versions of each card providing the same information in nine different languages, including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and more. This is a fascinating way of introducing a different cultural element into the experience and also demonstrates inclusivity for cultural diversity in the classroom. 

The Body Magnet game can be attempted by an individual or completed as a collaboration between partners or a group of peers.

The recommended age range for this material is 7 to 12 years


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