heebie jeebies - teslas lamp plasma ball


Originally patented by Nikola Tesla in 1894 following his experiments with high voltage currents, the plasma ball has been wowing school kids and grownups alike for ages! Take a close look at the nature and beauty of electrical currents in a safe, hands on way. The perfect gift for young minds intrigued by science and the mysteries of our world, even adults will be mesmerised by the pulsating charges of magical electricity.

Control the filaments using your finger to move them around the glass. Simply plug it in and turn it on and play around with the cool and bright filaments.

Please Note: This product may transfer a small amount of static electricity resulting in a small, safe shock. This is normal and not a malfunction of the product.


  • Science made undeniably fun
  • Included is a detailed analysis of how the science works
  • Treat your children to a favourite from your childhood
  • Dimensions: Lamp with base measures 23cm tall. Globe measures 14cm diameter.
  • Australian 12V AC adaptor included
  • For ages 8 and above
  • Not suitable for people with a pacemaker

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