handcarry 123 number trace puzzle

This beautiful magnetic wooden educational puzzle is a great tool for learning basic mathematical concepts. This puzzle has enough numbers to count to 100. A tracing stick is provided to help build the fine motor skills, practice pen holding, and the correct way to write each letter. The word for each number is under the number, as well as dots to represent the number. Puzzles are a great opportunity to grow your child's gross and fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, problem-solving, shape and colour recognition.

Enhance your play and learning with these simple ideas:

  • Learn the numbers and practice saying them.
  • Sort the puzzle pieces by colour.
  • Order the numbers in the correct order.
  • Create maths equations using the puzzle pieces.
  • Have your child spell the number.
  • Trace and practice the movement of writing the numbers.

Suitable for ages: 18 months+


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