glow-in-the-dark rainbow volcano lava lab

A big kit that adds a very creative ‘Art and Craft’ angle to the seriously fun science inside. This is a true STEAM set covering many varied themes. Many of the amazing colourful reactions and special effects are completely unique to this kit. 24 major hands on activities… with all the gear in the box. And more with simple items from home. And a beautiful step by step 24 page colour booklet.

• A volcano with 4 craters erupts and gushes heaps of rainbow lava into a lake below. Do it again and again and again. It even produces GLOWING lava and LUMINOUS lava bombs exactly like the real night time eruptions.

• Make models in miniature of 4 of the world’s most famous volcanos, pain and display them so they also glow-in-the-dark.

• Explore colour Chromatography: see how pools of colour grow and ripple out on special paper disks. Make unbelievable moving colour Storms in a milk lake.

• Make colour changing Mineral Springs and colourful ‘Antique Plastic’ buttons.


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