flower maze

Can you navigate the two tiers and numerous dead-ends to extract the ball? You’ll be busy as a bee trying to get the ball out of this flower!

Push the ball into the maze through the ‘c’ shaped hole. Turn and flip the puzzle to move the ball between the two tiers. Success will smell so sweet!

Once you pick it up it will be hard to put this puzzle down. You want to keep turning and flipping and moving the ball bearing around.

The puzzle is made from laser cut plywood with acrylic and shiny metal screws and ball. The laser cut wood inside the acrylic covers is cut to resemble a flower. When I hold it up it reminds me of looking through a beautiful church window. Just lovely design from Jean Claude.

Recent Toys are proud to make these puzzles designed by Jean Claude Constantin and bring them to puzzlers of all ages and abilities. 

It is packaged in a black plywood box with a plastic cover and wrap-around label. It includes a booklet about the puzzles in the Recent Toys series. The booklet is written in English, German, French and Spanish. It does not contain the solutions to the puzzles.

Size: 130mm diameter x 23mm thick. The box is 155mm x 155mm x 42mm


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