Dutch Blitz expansion pack

If you wish you could play Dutch Blitz with more players, this expansion pack makes it easy! It features a deck of Dutch Blitz cards, but the folksy symbols on the back of the cards have different colors so you can tell them apart from the original cards.

Category Description for Dutch Blitz:

If you like double solitaire, you'll love Dutch Blitz! Each player has a set of 40 cards, numbered 1-10 and in four colors. Players lay out 3 base piles, and stack 10 cards in their "wood" pile. Everyone plays at once in this fast-paced card game, moving cards to the communal colored piles in the center, as they compete to be the first to use all of the cards in their "wood" pile. The first player to eliminate their woodpile and yells "Dutch Blitz!" wins the game. Easy to learn, fun to play, and contagious, this has been one of our favorite games to play at home and on the go. For 2-4 players. For bigger families or more friends, you can now add the Expansion pack - and four more players! Almost identical to the original game, the rustic illustrations on the card backs are in different colors than the original, allowing another four players to play and identify their cards for scoring in the end.


Suitable fo rages 5+


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