double trouble

The challenge is to extract the two balls at exactly the same time. Immediately you know there’s trouble brewing!

The two gears each have a circular mark on the rim, turn them until the two marks are next to each other. Insert a ball into each maze through the ‘c’ shaped holes at the centre of each dial. There’s something very satisfying about gears. You move one piece and it interlinks with another and makes that move too. As both gears move a the same time, a step closer to the exit on one gear, maybe a step back on the other.

Can you solve the puzzle and aMaze everyone?

The puzzle is packaged in a black plywood box with a booklet about this series of puzzles. Beautifully packaged for giving as a gift.
The booklet is written in English, German, French and Spanish but don’t worry, it does not contain the solutions to the puzzles, so no chance of cheating! To keep out of trouble you’ll really have to work this one out yourself.
In case you do get desperate you can find a number of YouTube videos demonstrating the solving of this puzzle so don’t get too worried about that.

Size: 205mm x 105mm x 17mm The box is 235mm x 135mm x 42mm

Jean Claude is undoubtedly one of the most prolific puzzle inventors of the last 30 years. There are 5 of his designs in this series commissioned by Recent Toys. At Mr Puzzle we’re also very pleased to be able to bring to you a number of other puzzles that are actually made by Jean Claude Constantin himself including his original version of Double Trouble which he calls the Zahnradlabyrinth double gear maze.


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