Double nine dominoes

This set of 165 extra large dominoes (4.5 x 9cm) includes 0-9 numerals, words and dot combinations.A fun, interactive way for children to develop number knowledge. The dominoes set provides activities for the whole class, small groups or individuals. Teacher’s suggestions are included. Dominoes can be used as matching game, but are just as useful to introduce the concept of probability, by using them to measure chance. Or use them for place value activities to reinforce multiple digit numbers. Students can practice with the relation between dots on the domino and the number word, and learn to count.

Dominoes can also represent a fraction and can be used for endless activities and games related to that concept. They are an excellent resource for a wide range of problem solving activities. Because of the versatility of the item, dominoes are a must have for every classroom, from early years to high school.

Ages 4+ years


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