c'est la vie

Can you remove the metal ring from the wooden maze? More challenging than you might think, but such is life!

There’s six circle like sections intersecting to make a very attractive pattern. Most are too thick for the break in the ring to pass over. Of course, you cannot bend the ring and make the opening wider! That would definitely be cheating. There are sections in the wooden maze where slots have been cut to allow you to manoeuvre the wooden ring around. Keep moving and try to find the pathway that leads you to where the ring can be totally removed.

The puzzle is packaged in a black plywood box with a booklet about this series of Jean Claude Constantin puzzles made by Recent Toys.  With very stylish packaging, this whole series of puzzles is very well presented for gifting.  The booklet does not contain the solutions to the puzzles. Don’t be concerned. That just means more puzzling to be done!
Size: Approx 130mm in diameter  The box is 155mm x 155mm x 42mm

recommended ages 14+


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