catan starfarers scenario new encounters

  • THIS IS A SCENARIO EXPANSION FOR CATAN STARFARERS: This is NOT a complete game. You need a copy of CATAN Starfarers to play this scenario.

After befriending the many alien civilizations across the galaxy, you must prove you are worthy enough to be a member of the Galactic Council

The council gives you three missions:

• Stop the notorious pirate leader Hog-Kahm from raiding planets in the sector.

• Save your sector from giant ship-eating space amoebas.

• Find a lost group of ancient people and study their technology.

Accept the missions. Build your legacy. Requires: CATAN – Starfarers


2 amoeba figures
25 ship capsules
4 research markers
2 pirate bases
1 asteroid
1 outpost of the Lost People
4 combat dice
4 cube markers
10 reinforcement chips
6 position markers
7 number discs
2 special markers
2 marker arrows
2 expansion markers
1 research board
8 colony ship and mission ship tokens
39 encounter cards
12 overview cards
10 research cards
7 location cards
4 friendship cards
1 rulebook


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