babybloki blocks

Djeco Stacking Cubes feature beautiful illustrations on each of the 10 cubes.

Babies will love holding the cubes, turning them over, looking at the colours and pictures, and clapping them together.  They will also love cheekily knocking over towers that someone has built for them, and then one day, they’ll start building their own.

Toddlers will enjoy working out how to nest the cubes back into each other, developing their focus and problem solving as they try to work out which one fits in next.  They will also love finding other little toys to fit inside the cubes.  Stacked on their side, the cubes make a perfect little cubby or apartment building for little friends!

Each cube also includes one side that features a number and an illustration with a corresponding number of items.  Perfect for early counting and numeracy.

Age : 12months +


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