4 square timer

The Sensory Sensations Four Square Timer has four squares that oil drops flow between with a centre island containing a cute little creature floating on coloured oil. There are four different styles.

There are several therapeutic benefits with oil drip timers. The soothing and rhythmic motion can act as a distraction to calm anxiety during periods of sensory overload. Concentrating on the movement of the oil drops through the squares takes the focus away from emotions and stresses and onto a quiet, stress free activity.

It can be used as a timing device for short term activities such as teeth brushing. The timer takes a few minutes to finish flowing through. Then turn it upside down to start it all over again.

The Four Square liquid motion timer is made from hard plastic, clear water and coloured oils. The oil droplets are insoluable mineral oil so not only is the  timer a calming, anxiety reducing strategy, it also demonstrates scientific principles.

Suitable for ages 3+


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