Wizard card game

A five-time Games 100 Selection, the Wizard Card Game is hearts and whist with a twist: Wizards beat all the cards! It's the ultimate trump game and a great deal for the whole family. One Wizard Card Game deck is comprised of 60 cards. One card is dealt to each player on the first round, two cards on the second, and so on. Players bid the number of tricks they think they will win. Make the exact number of trciks bid and you win points; too many or too few tricks and you lose points. To make things trickier, the Wizard and Jester cards add a wild card element to the strategy, so no game can get too predictable!

The Wizard Card Game includes 60 cards, a score pad, and an instruction booklet. Wizard is recommended for 3 to 6 players, ages 10 and up.


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