vex robotics - catapult

In 100BC, Greek and Roman engineers changed the face of battle with the invention of the most powerful long-range weapon the world had ever seen. Now kids everywhere can experience the thrill of launching objects with the new VEX® Robotics Catapult by HEXBUG®!

Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman designs, this modern Catapult has a ratcheting winch that can control the distance projectiles are thrown. Crank the winch to its maximum tension, and you can hurl balls over 10 feet!

HEXBUG® wants to inspire kids to discover the excitement of science through fun STEM-based toys like the VEX® Robotics Catapult. This machine teaches kids important lessons about variable shot power and how machines store kinetic energy.

The VEX® Robotics is compliant with CPSIA standards.
Batteries not required.

Age 14 years +


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