Ugears - wheel organiser

Meet one of the kits for adults, which is designed not only to bring you fun but also to be of use. Developmental toys should be played not only by children. In fact, in a mature age, we all tend to acquire 3D brain teaser puzzles to make our mind stay agile and entertain self.

As it is now easy to guesstimate, the outer gear of the 3D wooden puzzle (along with several additional attachments on top of it) is a holder of pens and pencils, having 6 hollow circles attached in two rows around it, which give the reliable fixing conditions for your stationery.Are you able to name wooden puzzle, which would be not only a toy pleasant for an eye but at least the same functional thing to adorn your worktable. This makes us believe that Wheel-Organiser is one of the most expedient toys for adults.

When you will be assembling this 3D brainteaser puzzle understanding that this is something you are building with your own hands to make it a useful item for your home will accompany you. If you don’t have enough space on your table to put it there, you can give it to your kid to make him or her be more organised. It’s not only a stand-still item. As it rotates, working with the stationery becomes a fun mind game for children. They also can assemble the wood puzzles for kids with their hands – this puzzle set will make their brain work. Clever 3-d wooden puzzle design builds genius skills, including ability to problem solve, spatial imagination, creative thinking, and more - play again and again with educational toys to exercise your brain

UGEARS craft kits for adults size is 11x9x9.3 cm, package size is 11x9x9.3 cm, 51 pieces in general. You don’t need tools to disassemble the pieces from the plywood board.

and have fun while completing your collection with the original wheel-organiser model kit!

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