tractor sleepy light

The Aloka Sleepy night light is deigned to illuminate a room with a soft glow that is not so bright that it prevents sleep and helping parents see at night when checking in on their baby.
The Aloka Night Light provides just enough light to those children who are afraid of the dark, helping to calm and settle them. It also allows parents to easily and quietly see and check on their child without disturbing them, and provides older children with enough light for them to make their own way to the bathroom during the night. The Aloka Sleepy Light Night Light is the answer to providing comfort to babies & toddlers in the dark at night. This is the addition to your child's bedroom that every parent has been waiting for!

The Aloka Sleepy Light is safe, with a 12v LED night light which includes its very own interactive remote with numerous features such as 13 colour options (all with 4 dim settings), low dim setting for overnight use, timer setting, reading light setting and a rainbow sequence setting. The base includes buttons which can be used to – turn light off / on, select colour, dim and set timer.


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