Rubiks revolution

You won't want to take your hands off the Rubik's Revolution!

Unlike the original Rubik's cube, Revolution consists of 6 addictive, fast-paced electronic games that test your mind and skill!

Winner of the 2007 and 2008 Game of the Year Award, Revolution features multi-player gaming, lights and sound effects, with batteries included!

Conquer one level and the cube unlocks another - so it's always challenging, never impossible.

Games include:

- Light Speed (blue) - Turn the lights off by quickly tapping them and rack up your score! It's the lightning fast game that will push your skills to the limit!

- Rapid Recharge (yellow) - Challenges you to fully light the cube as quickly as possible! It may sound easy but can you charge up all the lights before they fade out?

- Pattern Panic (green) - Match wits with Rubik's Revolution. Memorise the pattern sequence and rapidly repeat it to conquer the cube!

- Code Cracker (orange) - Can you crack the secret code? Using logic and reason figure out the correct sequence in the shortest time and fewest turns possible!

- Multi-player Madness (red) - Challenge your friends! As the game gets faster and faster turn the light off and pass the cube before time runs out! Winner takes all!

- Cube Catcher (silver) - A pressure-packed race against the clock with a frenzy of lights. The more lights you hit off the better your score, but be careful not to hit the unlit ones!


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