da vinci - helicopter


Study the mind of one of the greatest engineers by creating your own Da Vinci Helicopter. By building the Aerial Screw, you too can understand the ideas behind 15th century flying machines that don’t actually fly!

Leonardo Da Vinci was a great lover of flying machines and designed many. This design is unique as it looks at the use of rotation rather than flat wings. It was found that Da Vinci’s design doesn’t fly, but you can still have lots of fun building this model!

Use the pre-cut wooden parts and follow the detailed instruction guide to bring this helicopter to life in only an hour. Although most other pieces are glued together to ensure stability, the canopy is removable, meaning you can design, build and test your own wings! This Da Vinci model is a great way for budding inventors and engineers to test out and practice their flight skills.

The instruction guide includes a section on the history behind Da Vinci’s Helicopter and the theory of its flight.



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