memo game

These Petit Collage Memory Games make us feel so happy with their capturing illustrations and gorgeous designs along with thick cards that are perfect for little children's hands. Choose from All Aboard, Busy Busy, Safari or Animal Pals  themes - each will offer it's own delightful character set to play with for an enjoyable game of Memory match.

There are 12 pairs per pack in this ideal kids memory game that is packaged in an easy box for quick pack up and storage. This box also makes the game a great idea for transporting or keeping with grandparents to have at home offering children something to do on visits.

There will be lots of laughs and young ones will be engaged with the easy game. Each matching card is made from high quality and sturdy board and pack up is stress free.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5cms per card

Ages 3+


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