Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine

The Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine is the coolest way to learn about notes, tunes and music for your child. This DIY kit contains all the elements to assemble a super-fun music composing machine.

Once assembled, children can use the permutations and combinations of peg-holes and notes to compose music of their own. All they have to do is place pegs in the holes corresponding to the note, and when the music drum rolls, the particular peg hits the note-plate, creating that particular note. By arranging and rearranging the pegs combinations, children can have hours of fun composing new music. The kit also comes with two pre-defined music tunes – Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle

Concepts Involved:
Musical Notes: How are notes produced? What are different notes? How do different notes come together to form a tune?

Motion and Gears: How do gears produce motion? How circular motion can be turned into linear motion?

Great for STEAM.

Age 8+ 


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