ICOSA - fidget ball

Twist, turn and solve this Atomic Fidget Ball Puzzle, it's colourful, wacky and loads of fun to play with!

You can use it as a concentration puzzle, a boredom buster for long commutes, or as a sensory toy to enhance your mental focus.

The smooth, continuous flowing motion of the balls makes it hard to put down as you click and snap them together in your hand!

Each atom ball is attached to another ball, so they move around in groups of two, connected by stretchy elastic. 

With multiple different colour patterns you can achieve, try your hand at the following colour combinations:

  1. Don't let any atoms of the same colour touch each other.
  2. Allow two of each of the same colour atoms to touch, but keep the third atom separate.
  3. Get three of the same coloured atoms to touch in a path.
  4. Twist your atoms until three of the same colour balls form a triangle.

Suitable for 1 player.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


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