ball track rollerby spiral track

Strong pillars hold the winding track in place while sturdy connectors create smooth connections between the wooden track pieces.

Place the smiling ball friend at the starting position and send it rolling - Textures on the spiral track create percussive excitement as the eyes are mesmerized by the fast, smooth, rolling movement. There's even a big blue bell that rings!

Again! Again! Kids can't wait to keep the fun rolling!

Beautifully designed with vibrant colors, strong materials, and easy-to-use connectors, the Kullerbu Spiral Track is a long-lasting adventure kids will want to explore endlessly.

Ball Track Kullerbu - Spiral Track
  • Wood and plastic ball run with a big spiral track piece
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, cause-effect learning, imaginative play
  • A colorful adventure in motion!
  • Spiral track features bumps to add percussive excitement to the ball-rolling fun
  • Track pieces fit together easily with the simple track connectors
  • Features archway with bell for the rolling ball to ring
  • Also features fun buildable archway
  • Comes with 2 wooden spheres to roll down the track
  • Combine with other Kullerbu track sets for even more build-and-play excitement
  • High quality materials - Lasting durability
  • Made in Germany
  • $99.95

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