grimms - 7 friends in 7 bowls

rimm's 7 friends in 7 bowls are all individually hand painted and uniquely styled peg dolls. Each doll has its own bowl to sit in. Use in creative play with other Grimm's toys or use in dolls houses. Decorate each with your own cloth, ribbon or tape. 

All Grimm's products are inspired by Rudolph Steiner teachings. Made from sustainably managed alder and maple wood, with non-toxic water based colour stains and finished with non-toxic plant based oils.

Designed and made by Grimm's Spiel and Holz Germany and tested to European toy safety standards. 

Product Dimensions: Peg dolls - 6cm x 3cm; Wooden tray - 19cm wide

Suitable for children aged 1 years+


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