geomag colour - 64pcs

Enough Geomag pieces to build advanced geometrics or imaginative structures. Geomag's 64 piece starter set leads the way to ingenious building.

Stimulating creativity and logical reasoning, Geomag invites investigation of physics, geometry, notions of chemistry, architecture, and engineering.

Brilliant magnetic rods and non-magnetic metal spheres provide simple construction play with structural potential that goes on to infinity! No special skills required, everyone enjoys the versatility of Geomag.

The Geomag Color 64 piece set includes 18 red rods, 12 orange transparent rods, 30 spheres, 2 yellow-orange transparent square platforms and 2 orange-red pentagonal transparent platforms. Geomag is undoubtedly an investment in lasting fun.

Geomag Color 64 piece set

  • The patented, original Swiss-made Magnetic Construction System
  • Advance in creative thinking and logical reasoning abilities
  • 18 vibrant red magnetic rods
  • 12 transparent orange magnetic rods
  • 30 non-magnetic metal spheres
  • 2 yellow-orange transparent square platforms
  • 2 orange-red pentagonal transparent platforms
  • Complete instructions to assist with simple & complex structures
  • A starting set for discovery with Geomag
  • Made with care in Switzerland
  • Recommended ages 3+
  • $59.95

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