flexistix - creativity kit

Hape Bamboo Flexistix Sets provide endless creativity and fun!

Made of sustainable bamboo, the Flexistix fit together with flexible silicone connectors, enabling structures to be solid but fluid to create towers, arcs and spheres.Flexistix are lightweight and interchangeable with all Flexistix Sets. Combine Flexistix sets together to create more of everything and anything -  imagination holds no limits with Flexistix!

Build a variety of shapes and structures with this fun Flexistix kit! The bamboo sticks and flexible connectors can be re-arranged to make ten separate projects – or design your own fantastic creations!

Develops fine motor skills, self discovery, communication, problem solving, mathematical concepts, imaginative and creative play. 

Additional info:
Made from bamboo, silicone, water based paints.
Hape Flexistix Creativity Kit : 105 Bamboo Flexistix , 28 silicone connectors


  • 6 cm x 36 Flexistix
  • 10 cm x 33 Flexistix
  • 14 cm x 4 Flexistix
  • 16 cm x 36 Flexistix
  • 2 piece connector x 8
  • 6 piece connector x 20

Recommended for Ages 4 years+


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