Emoticapsules are the clever and fun way to help children identify, learn, express and share their emotions and values.

Meet the Emoticapsules family : Happiness (yellow), Sadness (blue), Anger (red), Disgust (green) and Fear (grey) who are all ready to help children develop empathy and self-identifying skills.

The game includes the 5 different Emoticapsules and 10 scenario picture cards to get you started.  This diverse game can also be used as a springboard for families to then place objects and create their own cards to place inside the Emoticapsules, specific to their situations and experiences.

How to play :

  • Identify the emotion of each capsule.
  • Place inside each capsule a card that provokes the emotion of that capsule.
  • Explain why you feel that emotion.

Additional info:

  • Contains 5 Emoticapsules and 10 picture cards
  • For 1-5 Players

Recommended for Ages 2 years+


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