bright buttons

Stimulate Inquisitive Minds with the Bright Buttons Board Game!

Bright Buttons encourages natural curiosity and lateral thinking to help young minds grow! It's the all in one game that develops spatial awareness, increases general knowledge, includes fun physical challenges, and encourages literacy and numeracy skills too.

How To Play:
• Bright buttons is ideally played by 1-4 children with a supervising adult
• Each child chooses a button playing piece
• The first player rolls the dice, moves their button piece to the next space of that colour, and is then asked to answer a question or perform a challenge from the card of that colour
• The player is rewarded with cheers for effort, or assisted with hints and clues if needed
• Play proceeds to the next player
• The Lucky Button spaces involve a challenge and then the player rolls the dice again and takes another turn
• A player finishes when their roll of the dice indicates that they should move beyond the last coloured space on the board. When this occurs, the player moves to the finish and is asked their final question.

Educational Benefits:
Through its unique style of questions and challenges Bright Buttons aims to:
• Increase general knowledge and lateral thinking
• Develop spatial awareness
• Encourage literacy and numeracy skills
• Improve balance, gross and fine motor skills

• Game board, 4 Building blocks, 1 Colour-coded dice, 4 Button playing pieces, 225 Question and challenge cards.

• Suitable for 1-4 Players.
• Suitable for ages 3 years+


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