beat the dragon - addition & substraction bingo

Who will be the first to win the race to complete a mat? Will it be the team of three players, or the Dragon? The players will be so intent on completing their boards before the picture of the dragon is put together that they will barely notice they are practicing addition and subtraction facts for numbers 1-10!

Beat the Dragon is played in a similar manner to traditional bingo, with the children taking turns to select one card from the deck. Any selected card with a number combination that can be correctly matched to an answer on the player's board can be placed on that number. If however a Dragon card is turned over, it must be placed in the correct position on the Dragons mat!

Beat the Dragon comes complete with four wipe clean mats (measuring 25cm x 33.5cm) and 81 laminated cards.

A laminated 0-10 number line is also included to allow children to check their answers without adult supervision.

Age 6+


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