Aquarius, the Looney Labs game of elemental connections, is celebrating 10 Awesome Years! The design has been updated with some new features and new ways to play. Kids love the colourful design, fast play, and familiar matching strategy. Adults love the game's competitive edge. It's the perfect family card game The player with the longest hair goes first connecting element cards to complete a secret goal. Deal the cards and plan your move, but don't get too comfortable -- you may get zapped! Each player is given a secret goal card of one of the five elements. Element cards are played on the table connected like dominoes, with each player trying to win by connecting seven panels of their goal. Action cards allow players to shake up the action in six different ways. The game is fast, fun, colourful, and easy to learn - with enough bluffing and strategy to keep adults engaged. Preschool variations included for children as young as 3 years!

Age 3 for 2-5 players

Playing time: 20 - 30 minutes


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